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Letting Go Old Baggage…

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Hi all..I am TwilightHolic…Ex-twilighters…I need to open new chapter of my young adult life by letting go Old Baggage..I’ve move on to new obsession(Foster The People Obviously) and letting go of my old baggage..Hence..I will be clearing my space and I will be selling :

Breaking Dawn Hard Cover : RM4O (NEW-Never been read before)

Twilight Eclipse 3 Disc Deluxe edition : RM65

Twilight New Moon 2 Disc Special Edition : RM35

Twilight 2 Disc Special Edition : RM25

Twilight VCD : RM15

All prices are negotiable…

If interested..Please SMS Me- 019 566 966 3

Its Urgent.. As hard as I have to let it go..but it is for the best…..=(

I HAVE to Share With You!

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New Music Video from Foster The People- Houdini.. This is actually my favorite track from them! Other than the oh so famous Pumped Up Kicks.

This video take Foster the people to whole new level! This Video has meaning. Layer by layer, Scene by Scene has its meaning related to its lyrics. As everyone knows Mark Foster is a very Deep Guy.

So basically this video is a JAB to American Music Industry Nowadays. Almost all new artist are the puppets of their record label. Forcing them to do what actually “sell”.

The synchronize dancing and the white outfit reflect Boybands. They actually mocking the boybands ( But they are damn cute while dancing!!). Enjoy and Be ready to fall in love with them.

Ever Find Yourself Hard To Hmm….Bowel Movement Difficulties?


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I’ve made my own survey this past week. About 1 of 5 of my classmate (Sorry Guys) are having problems of defecating and other difficulties of bowel movement.

Most of them are the ones who are literally underweight, the-ones-who-does-not-eat-a-lot people and ladies who are “dieting”. I myself did not have bowel movement difficulties and overlook past this.I’m here to help you.

Hence the story begins.

Answer these question below with honesty :

1. You only poo poo once every 2 or 3 days sometimes longer than that.

2. Your poo poo doesn’t go really smooth.

3.  Your Farts are Extremely Awful Smell.

If you answer Yes at least to 1 Question you are having those “difficulties”.

We have to take care of our bowel movement.


Because we eat at least 3 times per day, and if your body did not digest and process the food smoothly and  your colon end up with dirt and awful stuff stuck in it and imagine this happen for long…long time..

God forbid.. you end up like Steve Job (Colon Cancer). Toxic Build Up and Bloat occur especially to those who does not defecate on daily basis.

We ladies do take care of our skin,body and do breast check up monthly but how often you guys take care of your GIT Tract? We have to take care of OUR COLON too! Raise hand if you agree! Come On!

Fact :

Whatever we eat let it be vitamins, Health Product, Collagen Stuff and Slimming Product will NOT work I repeat WILL NOT WORK its magic to the fullest potential if your absorption machines is in bad condition. Need I remind you,first step to do any health improvement is always at best if we start with cleansing our colon and detoxify.

Enough BS. I myself struggle with weight loss and I don’t know better before, so i do overlook this,but now i know that I have skipped this very important step and my bowel movement not only improved but i start losing weight easily too.

Suggestion :

Other online store may emphasize on your outer beauty as such beautiful clothing ..Its good though! don’t get me wrong but here at Fringe Fashion we care about inner beauty and health improvement and you will get extra confident wearing those beautiful dress and clothing!

That is why i start to introduce you guys to various health product and health info. Most of our health product that we are selling are product of D’navechee. I personally try every product and I love it!

My health improved almost 100% since I  have started using their product . I lose 6 kg ( Whole Different story, I’ll get to that later), My asthma are hating me and  My allergies are breaking up with me (Also each story,ill get to you later) =) not to mention my skin complexion improve and other girls are crawling to me asking for advice. LOL.

Introducing :


Mother of detoxification and Bowel Movement Soldier to the rescue!

RM48 for 70 Capsule

PROMO PRICE for Fringe Fashion Customer and Readers


Direction : Take 2 Capsule before Sleep…and you find yourself  easy to get up in the morning ( Because you will need to pooo =) )

Heads Up : Your Defecation will smell awfully bad because of all the toxins and bad stuff you accumulate over the years so.. Hang In there!

Last Note :

Come On laa, if you can afford to buy expensive dresses what is this cost you? Its for your own health as well. No use of the expensive dress if you are not healthy enough to wear it!

A bottle is for 1 and half month usage. For the first 2 week you will need to take this every single night. After that you can skip a day depending on your needs.

Like Dato’ Azlina Che Abdullah (Founder and CEO of D’navechee) says:

” Health Product is meant for the healthy people to avoid sickness in future” she add ” Bila dah sakit baru nak cari produk dah tak guna,pergi hospital sahaja lah!”



Need Help?

SMS/CALL : 019- 566 966 3


If you are not  a person who love to swallow capsule you can always try our Detox Patch : Information about Detox Patch are HERE.

Thanks For The Review KIV!

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Thanks Keep In Vogue. For The Lovely Review and Continuous support and love since Fringe Fashion was Open Last Year. Love Ya!

-Complexion Rules!

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics is DISCONTINUED at Fringe Fashion

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Sadly we are discontinuing Jesse’s Girl Product due to legal documentation and such. But we do still trying very hard to bring it back to you! Finger Crossed! But still you guys can buy it straight from the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetic Website fresh from USA…

Hmm..What about NYX Product..You girls will  be interested?

So due to that we will be having CLEARANCE STOCK SALE and PROMOTION!

Everything is Markdown! So happy browsing and shopping (No Refund). Buy from our website @ or manually thru my number and email. THANKS!




Eyeliner – RM7


Formula 13 Lip Gloss- RM12




Liquid Glass Lip Gloss – RM12


Pure Pigment Eye Dust – RM15/ Each


Wanna BUY ?

Website :




SMS :019- 566 966 3

Jessie J Concert!

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                   Hah! It was Awesome!!!!!! I am a fan of Jessie J since she is still doing song cover on YouTube under Username of Jessica Cornish ( Her real name).. Yah..That long.. ( Not during the Price Tag Hype).. Ive been all the way since then..

                  I am so happy to see her achievement right now.. I love all of her song and Darn IT! I do memorize all of them!! Since the time I bought  her album I always promise myself that I will go to her concert if she ever do it in Malaysia! She did!

                 I am not a gig/concert goer. I am a studyholic/workaholic nerd =). I almost did not go due to all the bullpoo happen..But luckily the law of attraction/universe/God allow me too! Its worth the wait ( I wait for almost 1 year !).

                All of her song is inspirational and powerful not to mention her awesome voice and style of singing! So I am glad I did see her. It is an awesome experience and yes.. I cry..When she mention “this is the last song!!!!” =.).. To Hong,the guy that got on stage to sing price tag with her..You are a lucky Man!