Quote Of The Day

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Then Everybody will love you!

Quote Of the Day


” Don’t Do it for the money

    Do it because you LOVE it”

                                                                     – Mark Foster

Translation : Always love what you do,or else you are living in a shitty life and your soul die little by little every day.

Quote of the Day


“Great People talk about Ideas

Average people talk about things

Small people talk about other people”

                                            -T. Harv Eker

Translation : Come On. It is Self-Explanatory.

Keep Calm and Focus On Your Ability!

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Awesome Song A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

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One thing I  learn over the past few month after I’ve read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is to feel good.. And My way of feeling good is through listening to songs..

BUT! Hear this..I recently make a daily morning routine,after wake up I will say thanks and be grateful to be alive (of course) and i grab my phone and listen to this songs..for me it would be my favourite song of all time ” The Sign by Ace of Base” Funny and Catchy song that never fail to make me smile…

Every morning!..Let that song make you appy and you will never stop smiling…Then after that.. i’ll continue to take bath and bla2..

So what I want you guys whoever reading this(You!) to try it out and tell me what you feel..

Do you feel any change? Find that 1 song that always make you happy, whether it be a freakin’ Barney Song or S.O.A,D song..your choice..and leave a comment below and tell me what you feel!

Try this at least for A week! Happy Trying!

My TOP 5 Happy Song!

1. The Sign by Ace of Base

2. Douchebag by Shane Dawson

3. Wouldn’t it be Nice by The Beach Boys

4.  Friday by Rebecca Black ( Don’t Judge! It makes me LMFAO Hard!)

5. Any Songs from Foster The People ( Listening to Mark Foster Voice makes me Happy =) )

What’s Yours? Tell me!

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How To Get Drunk!!!! with HAPPINESS.. =)

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Nobody want To be Sad Right???? So.. Take this Suggestion!

1. Stop Complaining!

Complaining= Common + Plain = Ordinary, Boring and Dull

Everyone wants to be Unique,Nobody want to be dull and boring..Unless You are lame and Not Fabulous…=)

Complaining is actually a happiness block, Why? Because you do not feel happy when you are complaining..Tell me who is happy and complain at the same time??

So how to STOP Complaining?

So when you are complaining you actually giving so much attention and focus on your problems that you complaining about…PAUSE!

If you just keep thinking about the probs,it will never go away and trust me it will bring more probs to you! Start looking for something that is working for you and forget about that problems for a while (do not run form it completely,just for a while)

When you are ready..start finding the best solution to overcome those problem and solve it one step at a time.. Even though you Effing hate what you did,just smile and listen to music that you love or just do what ever you love doing (dancing,shopping on9?) while at it.

Say If someone get on your nerve, just make up something funny about that person and laugh about it by yourself,on your mind).Don’t take everything too seriously! Example, if i ever annoy by someone,i just imagine him/her falling down the stairs and covered in dirt and I laugh!!!!

You Should try it!

2. Say Thanks and Feel Gratitude

Say Thanks..A lot!! Give someone a Compliment. Make them smile. Feel Gratitude even though you are in BAD Place. Just find something, or anything that you grateful for and be thankful. Even though it just you being thankful for that you got to brush your teeth.Hey,maybe some other people cant brush their teeth maybe because they have Gum Surgery yesterday or simply they just cant afford to buy toothbrush and Colgate.

 Before you get up and get down from your bed,take a minute or two and just try to think of happy thoughts and be grateful. DO NOT GET UP FROM BED FEELING MISERABLE or the rest of your day will be miserable! I promise !

3. Seize The Day!

Treat each and every day as gift! Many people are soo consume by whats happening in their future,little do they know, what you did today determines your tomorrow thus your future.

Feel Good Every day and live life to the fullest!  Say If you want to go try eating sushi at sushi king,why wait till next week,or this Sunday or whenever? Go eat that thing today ,who knows what might happen to you or Sushi King( I hope not!!!) in future.. ( Just Example Ya =))

You dont have to just stop complaining,and change in one day..just take few baby steps towards goodness,

Maybe today if you are complaining that your car is awful,stop thinking bout it and focus on gratitude,at least you got a car!

If you ride on a bus and never ever say thanks to the bus driver why not you say thanks to that guy and look at their smile on their face. Trust me, your day will be better!


Please leave me feedback if ever my little advice inspire you. It would mean so much to me.. Thanks!

Quick Fix : If you just feel awful and sad, just listen to music that you really love or watch funny videos  on YouTube..For me.. I grab my MP3 and Listen to Rebecca Black-Friday..ALWAYS make me Smile! That song is just awfully awesome..=)

To LMFAO Hard..Watch This guy on YouTube! He’s Awesome!

Search for : ShaneDawson TV

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