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How To : Your EyeShadow Stays On Longer & More Vibrant!

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Use Eye Primer

Basically,eye primer will hold your eyeshadow.. Way longer than without one and they prevent creasing..Also they give more Vibrant to the Colour of the eyeshadow hence its much more prettier on your eyelid.

There are few brands that produce eye primer such as Urban Decay and Too Face Shadow Insurance (Not familiar? @ Sephora). However..It is Damn Expensive- Cost over RM60 or above..Don’t be Sad!

Jesse’s Girl has their own Eye Primer,yay! The quality is good and Lots of Good Review do come from them (YouTube). I use it Myself. and I’m Happy.

So try and get your own now at Quarter of the Price @ for only RM19.90!


Jesse’s Girl Eye Primer

Shop @ NOW!!

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Click the Pic ..It will take You there! Again..We will no longer entertain manual order.

.Please go to our website and shop there..We have now accept payment by Paypal and Online bank transfer..Sign Up and Get RM5 Discount on your First Purchase!!!

Fabulous Friday! “Body Type”

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Do you often buy some clothes that really pretty on your eyes but when you wear it, it sucks??

Yup,it happen to me too…Why? Well most of us did not know our body type and what dress flatter our body…So here’s how …

1. Know your body type!!

Hah!! Still confuse? you don’t know how to determine which one are you??

Take this Test!


  1. You always complain that your Bust is too big, your stomach is bulging and your arm  is flabby.(YES-9,NO-2)
  2. You always complain that your thigh is soo big and you hardly find the right jeans for you.  (YES-11,NO-3)
  3. You do not gain weight as easy as everybody else.(YES-10,NO-4)
  4. You always proud of your waistline because it does not change much even though you gain weight.(YES-12,NO-5)
  5. You pretty much gain weight equally all over your body and your waist is not defined.(YES-17).
  6. When you gain weight your upper body change first.(YES-15,N0-18).
  7. When you gain weight your lower body change first.(YES-16,NO-18)
  8. When you gain weight your upper and lower body change equally.(YES-13,N0-18).
  9. You always proud that even though your stomach and your arms is flabby but your thigh and leg does not change much.(YES-6,NO-18).
  10. You can fit almost anything and sometimes maybe you wish you have more curve like beyonce.(YES-14,NO-18).
  11. You sometimes need to wear shoulder pad because your shoulder is narrow and droopy but not all the time.(YES-7,NO-18).
  12. Take your measuring tape..I mean..NOW!! and measure your bust and your hips and they are equal or almost equal.(YES-8,NO-18)
  13. You are Hour Glass Shape!
  14. You are Boyish/Banana Figure!
  15. You are Apple Shape!
  16. You are Pear Shape!
  17. You are Fuller Figure!
  18. You are in denial,be confident my friend… and try again!!